Letter from Dr. Max Enderman


Translated by Israel Pickholtz

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Buczacz, 12 February 1945

Dear ["honored"] Mr. Heller,

I was given the letter which you sent to Levi Horenstein and Rosenthal, since they are no longer in Buczacz, having gone to Poland several months ago. Most of the surviving Jews from Buczacz have left the city and I assume that they have made contact with you [plural] and that you now know the names of any survivors. The only ones left in Buczacz now are me and my family, Prof. Heller (the son-in-law of Hersch Enderman) with his wife and grandson and a few people. The city appears as a wasteland, what the German murderers did not destroy, the war did. You have surely heard already of the fate of your own family. Your brother-in-law Zelig Enderman remained alive. He left for Poland some time ago, but we do not know where he is now. The Torah scrolls were taken to Tschernovicz and given to the rabbi there. Aside from those, each family who left the city took one Torah scroll.

Max Enderman

This letter was the last to arrive from Buczacz from the three families who remained in the city after the Holocaust. The recipient is in Poland.