Dr. M. Hirschhorn

Y. F., Translated by Jessica Cohen

Dr. Hirschhorn's portrait was painted by Oded Netivi

One of Buczacz’s fine and loyal sons was Dr. Mordechai Karniel (or as we all knew him, Dr. Motzik Hirschhorn). He interacted with others, knew everyone and was known by all. From all the young doctors of his time he was the one who began to take an interest in the hospital in Buczacz, and after Dr. Nacht left his post, he became the medical director of the hospital. Although the patients and the hospital management were sometimes under the impression that he was not particularly courteous, they always found out that he had been right and that he had acted out of a sense of truth and realism. Dr. Hirschhorn invested great efforts in developing the hospital, and introduced some arrangements and innovations which elevated its standing until even the authorities recognized it and used it in times of need. Consistently and untiringly, he dedicated himself to developing this institution, which was one of the town’s finest welfare institutions.

Dr. Hirschhorn was a popular man, and loved the masses. Many told of how when he had been in Russia and other countries, before coming to Israel, he asked about Buczaczers everywhere he arrived, asked after their fate and helped them as much as he could.

After the destruction he suffered, after the wanderings, he established a new home for himself, and shone with hope.

This sturdy man, whose spirit never fell under any of life’s circumstances – is no more.

Y. F